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Quick-lube chains say 3,000 miles, auto manufacturers recommend 5,000 to 7,500 miles and synthetic oil companies, 10,000.

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You will find that most major oil change companies will be very close to each other in terms of price.

Though synthetic oil is considerably more expensive, a new AAA study found synthetic oil surpassed conventional oil by an average of 47% in a variety of industry tests.To our Lethbridge and out of town customers: Our staff is trained to provide an Express Lube service where we can guarantee your oil change will be completed in 30 minutes or less.

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FILTER REPLACEMENT Regular filter replacement is inexpensive and can prevent future more costly problems.

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The car had an oil life monitoring system, and the system had recommended the past two oil change intervals at 5,500 miles and 7,600 miles on non-synthetic oil.The higher the grade of oil used, the more you can expect to pay, with semi and full synthetic oils topping the price list.In the case of vehicles with 10,000 mile oil change intervals, the 5,000 mile service interval has not been eliminated.Vehicle Age Oil changes for aging cars should become more frequent.

Achieving a prolonged oil-change interval will cost you more money with each oil change, as the synthetic oil change price is more expensive, generally costing about twice as much as conventional oil.

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Please note that the Walmart oil change prices are subject to change.Generally speaking, we recommend performing an oil change with standard oil every three months or 5,000KM (whichever comes first).

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Synthetic blends can handle higher temperatures and last longer between oil changes.

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Cost of Ford Escape Oil Change - Notes Cost estimates are based on industry average productivity levels for the repair and local labor rates charged by experienced automotive professionals.

Click below to find your closest Toyota Dealer and download special offers and discounts on oil changes, brakes, alignments and more in your area.If you are using synthetic oil in your vehicle, we recommend changing your oil every six months or 8,000KM.